Where to Purchase Gyulais® – Wagyu Style Artisan Beef

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Lauderdale County Coop
1026 S. Court St
Florence, AL 35630
Lauderdale County Coop – Elgin Branch

154 Elgin Drive
Rogersville, AL 35652

Rockin Y Farm Supply
10001 AL-20,
Florence, AL 35633
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Gyulais® – Wagyu Style Artisan Beef

Gyulais® is a long term grain fed beef product with a healthier fatty acid profile than traditional beef. Gyulais® is bred to preserve the main nutritional qualities of beef (high quality protein, essential amino acids, B vitamins, iron, and other micro nutrients) while providing what we feel is the right quantity of intramuscular fat to create a tastier, more tender, healthier beef product for the consumer.

Most consumers are familiar with the USDA quality grades of beef (i.e. select, choice, prime). However, most are unaware of how the quality grades are determined. The single most important factor is intramuscular fat content (marbling). Below is the chart with percentage of intramuscular fat used by the USDA to determine quality grade.

Relationship Between Chemical % Intramuscular Fat and USDA Quality Grades

%Intramuscular Fat USDA Quality Grades Gyulais® % 1MF
< 2.30 Standard
2.30 – 3.00 Select –
3.10 – 3.99 Select +
4.00 – 5.79 Choice –
5.80 – 7.69 Choice 0 Goal with 1.5:1 or greater
7.70 – 9.89 Choice + monounsaturated: saturated fat ratio
9.90 – 12.10 Prime – (6-12% 1MF)
> 12.10 Prime 0

Is all beef intramuscular fat equal?

No, one breed in particular, Wagyu, has been found to provide monounsaturated fat in a much high proportion of total intramuscular fat (Wagyu has 2:1 or greater monounsaturated to saturated fat content whereas traditional beef has at best 1:1).

Are there other factors in determining the composition of beef intramuscular fat?

Yes, long term grain feeding significantly increases the amount of monounsaturated fat (Oleic Acid) in the marbling.

Why not grass fed beef?

Grass feeding beef increases Omega 3 content but significantly reduces marbling and monounsaturated fat content of beef. Also, grass feeding significantly prolongs the time necessary to produce a finished product.

Consider this, three ounces of grass finished beef provides about 90 mg Omega 3. An adult needs 1600-1800 mg daily (A teaspoon canola oil provides more than the daily requirement Omega 3).

Also, consider this. The environmental impact of beef production is open to debate. However, significantly reducing the time to produce a finished product can only be a positive factor.

Therefore, we only grain finish Gyulais® Beef.

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Custom cut Gyulais® Beef now available in the Houston, Texas area. Orders now being taken for 1/4, 1/2, or whole carcass. Contact Larry 832-439-4666 or Daniel 256-740-1114.

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Heifers From the First Group of Mogo Gyulais® Calves

Heifers from the first group of Mogo Gyulais® calves were shown at Denver and Houston as percentage Wagyu, winning both Grand and Reserve Grand Champion percentage females. Ultrasound performed at the Houston show found our three ten-month-old heifers to have an average 6.3 percent IMF. All three will be prime grade at maturity.

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First Group of Calves

The first group of 23 Gyulais® calves, born to first calf heifers, were weaned 11-17-2012. The eight bull calves averaged 589# (corrected 205 day average 555#) and the fifteen heifers averaged 566# (corrected 205 day average 527#). These pictures were taken 11-22-12 and are representative of the group. For a gallery of the images click here.

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